Zoom Free Users Will Not Have End-to-End Encryption

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Published: June 4, 2020

When businesses and schools moved their work online due to COVID-19, the company "Zoom Video Communications, INC" came in with their solution for moving meetings online. They gained hundreds of millions of daily users and calls, and then, gave frightening news to their free users.

"We don't want to give that because we also want to work together with FBI, with local law enforcement in case some people, they use Zoom for the bad purpose," CEO and Chairman Eric Yuan said.

According to ZDNet, "Business can be so ugly some times."

Fortunately, there are alternatives to Zoom that businesses and companies should consider using. Looking in "alternativeto.net" for open-source alternatives to Zoom show several results, offering encryption, the ability to be freely self-hosted on any VPS or dedicated server, among many other benefits.

Some of these include

Of course, there are many other programs for video conferencing that can replace Zoom. Feel free to try and use the ones that will work better for you.

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