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Wilde (https://wilde.wer.ee) is the world's first and possibly only Windows-based tilde server. Wilde offers Remote Desktop (RDP), Secure Shell (SSH), Web Hosting, Gopher (Soon), and many other services. It was founded by TechEmporium in Summer of 2019, and was continuted by me (anton/amcclure) since April 2020. Wilde aims to provide the best service possible with the most wide variety of features. We hope you have fun with all Wilde has to offer!!

Thanks to jan6 for letting us have a subdomain on wer.ee! Join his IRC channel #jan6 on irc.freenode.net!

Original description by TechEmporium:

As the majority of tildes are public-access UNIX-like servers, we thought that we'd spice things up a bit and be non-conformists. We figured that, since the tildeverse is all about learning, why should we restrict ourselves to learning only about UNIX-like operating systems and programming under them? That's why Wilde was created; to help people learn and understand the Windows environment in a more intimate way.

Wilde (pronounced Will-da) is a free, public-access remote computer, running Windows Server 2012. Services offered include SSH access through OpenSSH, web hosting through Apache, gopher hosting (which is in the works,) Remote Desktop access, Git for Windows and several programming and scripting language environments, as well as the most common software for home and office applications. The aim of Wilde is to be as useful, enjoyable and as easily accessible as possible, to both novices and experts.

Anton McClure / anton@tilde.pw
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